Spirits and Magic

As fuglans tend to be spiritual creatures, even after death, the worship of spirits is integral to many fuglan cultures. With the exception of ruksalan, most fuglans cannot directly interact with spirits, but can still sense their energy. Spirits can be beneficial or dangerous, depending on their relationship with the living.


Ruksala: Spiritual leaders and healers of fuglan clans. Their duties may include healing the sick, communicating with spirits, teaching younger generations, and mediating quarrels. They are highly respected by their own clans and are dedicated to removing harmful spirits and bonding with unesudratan.

Kenha: Positive energy that is created by living beings and light sources, such as stars and the sun. Plants absorb kenha from the sun, and animals absorb kenha from plants and other animals. An unesudrat must rely on kenha to power magic, but cannot use it from living beings or they risk becoming a zreusudrat.

Rranha: Negative energy that is created by living beings and spirits. Tukrasudratan are the primary source of this energy, and can be manipulated to create more when agitated. Zreusudratan are able to use this to power harmful magic.

Glavisudrat: A generic spirit with no special properties or connections. These were usually once common fuglan folk when alive and rarely come in contact with the living unless summoned by a ruksala.

Tukrasudrat: Also known as simply "tukran", these are spirits that were unhappy in life as fuglans, due to greed, pride, or alienation. They lack any sense of direction or compassion, hence are considered "lost". They can convert kenha into rranha. Sometimes a tukra may attach itself to a living fuglan, draining their kenha, causing anxiety, depression, and even psychosis. Only a ruksala can get rid of unwanted tukran.

Unesudrat: An ancestral fuglan spirit. These spirits were once a ruksala or spiritual leader in life and ascended as unesudrat when they died. A ruksala requires an unesudrat to channel kenha in order to use magic. Clans will leave food offerings at designated shrines to unesudrat, so that they can absorb energy and enjoy the food. The food can be eaten later by custodians, or left to wild animals.

Zreusudrat: A corrupted spirit that was once an unesudrat and drained too much kenha from living beings. In this form, they can no longer use renha and must rely on rranha instead. A ruksala will not work with a zreusudrat, as they consider them greedy and selfish, but there are fuglans that are known to use them for their own nefarious purposes.

A tukra spirit.

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