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Welcome to the world of Alaruk! I'm Asuune (they/them or she/her), and this is where I'll be infodumping about my world building project, Spirits of Alaruk.

Spirits of Alaruk is a world building project I've been working on since early 2020, and is considered immersive fantasy, inhabited by sapient reptilians called fuglans. It focuses on stories about spirituality, intertribal relationships, character's lives, and draws some inspiration from ancient India and Southeast Asia. Most of the world building will focus around environment and culture, with a bit of ecology and speculative biology.

While I've been worldbuilding for a long time (since 1997), I'm fairly new to the worldbuilding community and I'm constantly trying to learn more to improve my project!


5/29/2023: Geography page updated.

5/25/2023: Pronouns added to the Conlang page.

5/22/2023: More words added to lexicon on Conlang page.

5/21/2023: Lexicon added to Conlang page. More words will be added soon!

5/18/2023: Conlang page updated.

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5/4/2023: Site layout rearranged. Currently the only pages working now are Fuglans, Ecology, Magic, and Links.

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