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Welcome to the world of Alaruk! I'm Asuune, and this is where I'll be infodumping about my world building project, Spirits of Alaruk.

Spirits of Alaruk is a world building project I've been working on since early 2020, and is considered immersive fantasy, inhabited by sapient reptilians called fuglans. It focuses on stories about spirituality, inter-tribal relationships, and character's lives. The main story, Spirits of Alaruk, would be best described as a high fantasy xenofiction, with Eastern philosophy and anarcho-primitive influences. Most of the world building will focus around environment and culture, with a bit of ecology and speculative biology.

Warning: Content may include recreational drugs (marijuana), cult activities, trauma, violence, and suggestive themes.

*There's a Tumblr ask blog now!* Feel free to check it out! Anon asks will be turned off.


11/30/2023: Geography and Stories pages updated; map of Hulerin and chapter 6 of Spirits of Alaruk added.

10/24/2023: Geography page updated; map of Sridez Island added.

10/16/2023: Conlang page updated; grammer added.

10/14/2023: Stories updated; chapter 5 of Spirits of Alaruk added.

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9/9/2023: Stories updated; chapter 3 of Spirits of Alaruk added.

8/21/2023: Chapter 1 has been updated and given some edits.

8/13/2023: Stories updated; chapter 2 of Spirits of Alaruk added.

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